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[2024-06-13] - Combient Foundry Secures Strategic Investment from Navigare AB to Drive Industrial Innovation

Combient Foundry, a leading platform that connects large industrial companies with top technology ventures, announced a significant strategic investment from Wallenberg Investments through its subsidiary, Navigare AB. This investment supports Combient Foundry’s mission to reduce the time-to-market for industrial innovations and highlights its successful track record in forming partnerships between leading startups and industry giants.

[2023-11-27] - From Moonshots to Space Programs – What it takes to make innovation a repeatable and sustainable activity

In today's fast-paced business landscape, innovation has become a buzzword that resonates throughout the corporate world. Companies are in a constant race to out-innovate their competitors, seeking new ways to stay ahead of the curve and thrive in an ever-changing market. Dan Toma, a prominent figure in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, has emerged as a leading voice in reshaping the way organizations approach innovation. In this article, we will delve into the key takeaways from Dan Toma's keynote speech at the Combient Open Innovation Forum that was held in November 2023, and his subsequent interview, offering insights into the importance of innovation, the challenges companies face, and the strategies for measuring the impact of innovation.

[2023-09-19] - How KONE uses an Agile operating model to align physical and digital development

Agile ways of working have already found their place within software development teams. But what happens when a leading industrial manufacturer adopts an agile operating model that goes beyond software and into hardware development and the wider organization?

[2023-07-06] - Silo AI and Combient join forces as Europe’s leading private AI lab continues international expansion

Silo AI, one of Europe’s largest private AI labs, and Combient Group, a leading cross-industry collaboration network have established a strategic partnership. As part of the partnership, Silo AI acquires Combient’s AI subsidiary Combient Mix and strengthens its position as one of Europe’s largest private AI labs. Silo AI and Combient embark on a mission to increase European competitiveness by accelerating the adoption of industrial AI.

[2023-03-30] - Combient Pure, ASSA ABLOY, KONE, Swegon and Vasakronan join forces to develop technical building products towards circular economy

Technical building products present one of the largest emission sources in buildings, after energy use and main construction materials. Combient Pure together with ASSA ABLOY, KONE, Swegon and Vasakronan are breaking new ground as they set out for a year-long program to further develop this product category’s circularity. An intensive 12-month program to drive circular economy Combient Pure, ASSA ABLOY, KONE, Swegon and Vasakronan will be working closely together for 12 months to develop the circularity of technical building products, such as ventilation products, elevators, and automatic doors. The program will accelerate developments in circularity among the participating companies with practical tools and methods, peer-to-peer learning and discussions with customers and other actors within the value chain. The initiative for the program came from Vasakronan, one of the most ambitious real estate developers in the world when it comes to sustainability.

[2023-03-08] - Combient in Dagens Industri

Combient's CEO Mats Agervi was interviewed in a newspaper supplement from the Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Dagens Industri on March 7, where he talks about our unique network.

[2023-10-16] - Combient Catalyst invests in Stream Analyze and supports further expansion into industrial companies

Combient Catalyst invests in Stream Analyze as a continuation to drive innovation that matters for the Combient network companies. With a focus on data-driven business models and enabling technologies, the second investment was closed at the end of 2022.

[2022-08-29] - Combient Group partners with Sofigate to accelerate technology development and digital transformation

Combient Group and Sofigate have established a strategic partnership to accelerate the digitalization journey of Combient’s Associated Companies. The partnership focuses on increasing digital transformation capabilities through training and active sharing of proven practices and industry solutions.

[2022-05-30] - NCC, Stora Enso, Ramboll and Combient Pure collaborate on increasing the offering of low-carbon framing solutions for new building production

NCC Finland, Stora Enso, Ramboll and Combient Pure have been collaborating on a project with the target to create a wider choice of tangible low-carbon building materials especially for the frame solutions of new buildings. The companies have worked together for the last year with the purpose to study massive wood frame solutions and their life-cycle emission reduction potential.

[2022-03-15] - Ramboll joins the collaboration project between NCC Finland, Stora Enso and Combient Pure to promote low carbon building.

Ramboll joins the collaboration project between NCC Finland, Stora Enso and Combient Pure to promote low carbon building. The design and consulting company brings to the collaboration its extensive low carbon construction expertise, which helps bring forward low carbon alternatives along the entire construction value chain. The collaboration began in fall 2021 and will continue until the spring of 2022. It focuses especially on mass timber building solutions.

[2022-02-28] - MW Group – together with Combient Catalyst and other actors – invests in Xertified

The Nordic company group, MW Group has, together with several other well-renowned actors on the market – including Combient, who in part of its new venture initiative Combient Catalyst – chosen to invest in the Swedish cyber company Xertified. The company has developed a patented security solution for IoT, IT and OT devices that can be compared to a digital padlock that protects connected devices, such as healthcare technology and industrial robots.

[2021-09-30] - Cooperation between NCC Finland, Stora Enso and Combient Pure to boost low-carbon building solutions

NCC, Stora Enso and Combient Pure will start a collaboration in Finland to make it easier for developers to choose low-carbon construction solutions. The collaboration will bring forward the emission reduction effects of low-carbon building materials and aims to develop construction solutions that minimize emissions from new buildings.

[2021-02-08] - Blq invests in the future of edtech: Collegial

Our edtech company Collegial is taking the next big step on their journey — blq invest leads an investment of 19,2 million SEK in a first tranche together with JCE.

[2020-07-08] - New learning portal for the industry's upskilling and reskilling efforts

In the wake of the corona pandemic, Swedish actors are coming together in the launch of a national pilot offering subsidized education and training for the industry's employees.

[2020-05-20] - Combient Mix in Dagens industri: "The biggest potential with AI is when new business models arise across companies and industries"

Combient Mix with 35 employed data scientists and researchers is the special force that will accelerate the AI ​​development in the Wallenberg sphere's industrial companies.

[2020-01-07] - Combient Foundry in Sifted: End of the corporate pitch day

The Nordics’ Combient Foundry isn’t looking to invest in startups; this group of corporates wants to give them business instead.

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Combient Group works with a network of Nordic industry leaders on a joint mission to speed up the transformation. Today, the Combient network counts 38 companies, 1,400,000 employees and €270 billion in total revenue. The network is collaborating under a shared non-disclosure agreement across boards, management and business units.

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