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Corporate Venturing

Combient Catalyst is an initiative, where Combient, together with companies in Combient's network, finds, invests and scales innovations.


Many companies have identified that they have a challenge to capture more disruptive innovation. Innovations that over time can change the course of the company. And once you have identified that innovation the next challenge is how you can scale it to rapidly become part of your offerings or processes.

"As a company, we need to find additional ways to leapfrog and scale innovation."
Annette Kumlien, Chief Financial Officer, Munters

The power of working in the Combient network is that we already have strong capabilities and a network to identify and prove innovations and ventures. For instance, Combient Catalyst is a potential extension to the Combient Foundry process. The best companies can also be potential candidates for investments and scaling. We will also look for innovations among spin-outs from the companies or co-created innovations.

"Working with Combient Catalyst is a way to secure access to disruptive technologies and key talents. The focus on leveraging and scaling those technologies with other Combient members is another key dimension of Combient Catalyst. "
Jonas Hård, Chief Digital Officer, Autoliv

The three main sources of innovation are

  • Combient co-created innovations resulting from networking activities and addressing common needs of the network. It can be capabilities like Combient Mix, services like Combient Foundry, solutions like Collegial and new joint business models created by Combient Pure or Collaborative Digital Innovation.
  • Vetted early startups from Combient Foundry and Combient Spark startups that have technology or solutions of common interest for associates in the network.
  • Spin-outs, associates own internal non-core digital innovations of technology and solutions that address common needs that have a higher probability to scale outside the existing organization.

Combient Catalyst will identify the innovations or ventures, perform due diligence, and make sure the technology is solid, business model scalable, and with a great team. Then they will be presented on a marketplace for investment to be decided by the participating associated companies. Hereby the participating associates control their capital and make individual investment decisions into the innovations they find strategic.

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