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Global venture client alliance

Combient Foundry speeds up innovation across your company by leveraging world-class startups through a shared venture client model.


Together within Foundry, we build and scale solutions that power the next industrial breakthroughs with the most prominent startups. We also openly share insights, expertise and data on B2B startups and engagements.

Get inspired

"At KONE we are developing smart and sustainable solutions which can adapt to future needs. We have seen clear benefits of working with start-ups, such as creating new opportunities and co-innovating with customers."
Henrik Ehrnrooth, President and CEO, KONE

How it works

We work hand-in-hand with our companies' business units to evaluate and scope pressing needs with sweet spots for new solutions. Business needs that we work on within Foundry typically fall into the following categories:

  • Supply Chain, Logistics, Production and Quality
  • Renewable Materials, Energy Sources and Circularity
  • Autonomous vehicles, systems and robotics
  • Customer Interaction and Engagement

At Foundry, we turn specific business needs into Venture Client opportunities. These are being shared with leading startup ecosystems across the globe. Selected startups then provide their initial value propositions for the Venture Client opportunities. And finally, workshops are arranged with selected startups to clarify mutual value propositions and launch projects that bring speed and scalable execution.

Concrete results

  • Close to 100 partnerships in three years
  • Well above 50% of the pilots scaled into production
  • Participating teams save on average 6-7 months in business development
  • Net Promoter Score of 71 on average

Many of the solutions we keep under the wraps due to business-sensitive information, but you can explore public projects on

As a part of the alliance, you will get —

  • Your Venture Client team. If you don't yet have an innovation team to work with startups, we help setting things up with clear roles, plans and KPIs. With your current innovation team, we setup ways to work together side-by-side to meet your desired goals.
  • Start benefiting from startups in a way that makes sense. Foundry’s Venture Client approach is targeted directly to the benefit of Business Units, R&D teams and group functions. We help in onboarding your teams so they know how to leverage external talent.
  • Access to world-class talent. Our network covers the most promising startups across industries and technologies, and we run our due diligence to validate any startups you meet.
  • Scaled solutions tailored to your needs. We help startups crystallize their offering to address your strategic needs, so you can focus on fast execution
    Streamlining innovation process. We help you build new growth and boost R&D implementation by supporting you with internal processes like purchasing and legal
  • Efficient partnerships. Find the right partners to implement solutions quickly and without the risk of traditional equity investments and M&A – saving up to 6-12 months in your business development process.
  • Share data and insights with peers. Within Foundry, we openly share insights, expertise, and data on B2B startups and engagements so you benefit from the work of peers.

Curious to know how your company can work with Combient Foundry?

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