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Business transformation

Combient Transform supports companies along the business strategy process, from maturity assessment to transformation planning.


The network knows better and we know who to call.

Combient provides transformation support rooted in the combined knowledge of our peer companies, facilitated by Combient and based on our deep understanding of the network.

"It will be increasingly important for us to work with networks outside our own company. I don’t think we should have all the knowledge internally, but also find win-win situations with other partners, such as the Combient network."
Maria Bergön, Head of Strategy for M&A, PMO and External Analysis at Södra

Digital Maturity Assessments

Identify where you are on your digital journey and compare yourself with other companies from the network.

How it works

The Digital Maturity Assessment is a program based on a world-class survey and deep-dive interviews with key stakeholders , leading to quantitative and qualitative assessments and recommendations. The Assessment is followed over time by joint workshops between participating companies led by Combient.

Peer-2-Peer Program

Get feedback from specialist peers on your strategic plan, whether it is your entire digital strategy or within a specific domain.

How it works

The Peer-2-Peer Program is a series of workshops led by Combient with two or three peer reviewers handpicked from the network, to give in-depth advice on your strategic plan.

Get inspired

"There is so much collective knowledge and experience out in the network. This way, we would get very relevant feedback, much faster, and easier than for example having consultancies working with us."
Annette Kumlien, Group CFO at Munters

Digital strategy workshops

Explore what to do next in a selected digital area, align your team around concrete goals to be achieved and actions to be taken.

How it works

The Digital strategy workshop is a half-day or full-day workshop aimed at building a common vision. Custom- designed for your situation and led by Combient, the workshop features handpicked insights from specialists in the network.

Get inspired

"We could relate to the other companies’ cases. It is good to understand that we are not the only company dealing with challenges around digital transformation, it is a journey that takes time. That is a common understanding that I think we all brought with us from the workshop."
Maria Bergön, Head of Strategy for M&A, PMO and External Analysis at Södra

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