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Peer-2-Peer Review

Get advice from trusted peers on your most important questions

In the Peer-2-Peer Review, we leverage the power of the network to give or receive feedback on an associated company’s strategy or initiative in a specific field. Companies can take the opportunity to focus on their entire digital strategy or zoom in on a specific topic or field. The Peer-2-Peer review is covered under the mutual Combient NDA and led by a dedicated Combient facilitator, so that subject matter experts are able to focus on giving feedback and learning from and with each other.

  • We go further than a benchmark: you get concrete and in-depth advice on your strategy from three different angles
  • We handpick experts you can trust: you learn from three relevant peers from three non-competing companies in the Combient network
  • We do not waste your time: you spend eight to ten hours in total preparing and participating in our facilitated workshops
  • We build for the long term: you grow your network with like-minded peers in similar roles outside your own industry

Our tried and tested process

  • Prepare with Combient a clear presentation and focused review questions, so we can drive a fruitful discussion
  • Meet three peers, present your context and strategy, and answer their questions on your setup, challenges, and plans
  • Hear from your peers how they solve the same strategic challenges and discuss their solutions together
  • Receive detailed feedback from your peers on your strategy, exchange on the way forward, and get a detailed report to share internally
  • Review progress together six months later

Why we do it better

  • Combient’s network spans 2,000+ experts in our community of 35 non-competing leading Nordic companies
  • Combient’s expert facilitators help you prepare, communicate and get the most out of your peers

Read about some of our previous Peer-2-Peer reviews on our community website (for Associated Companies only):

Contact Arthur Gueneau if you want to learn more about our Peer-2-Peer Review.