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Upskilling in concert

Workforce transition is the next decade's largest socio-economic challenge. Collegial is an online platform developed together with our companies alongside global top universities to educate and train employees.


How do we change petrol to battery, mechanics to digital, and manual to autonomous?

The challenge

Workforce transition is next decade's largest socio-economic challenge. More than half will require significant reskilling or upskilling already by 2022, and there is a burning need to find ways of combining industrial know-how with an understanding of data driven business. This is a challenge that can’t be met with traditional classroom training, and the way we think of learning will have to fundamentally change. Again and again.

The solution

Collegial have created a learning experience platform to upskill employees thorugh engaging content tied to real projects. Collegial is majority-owned by Combient and co-developed with our companies alongside global top universities.

“In pace with changes in the world around us, the competences we need are constantly changing. To be sustainable and successful, we must make it possible for our employees to continuously learn new competences," says Jeanette Almberg, Head of HR at SEB.

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