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AI & Automation

AI was the first area we decided to master.


It is not the reality for organizations to deal with long-term AI initiatives compared to fulfilling immediate priorities and meeting quarterly goals. We see many companies struggling to go beyond just pilots and experiments.

In addition, there is a severe shortage and a fierce global competition for qualified people capable of solving the complex problems of automation - and we dare to say, it is not bound to a specific industry.

That is why we started building on collective intelligence.

What we currently do in the field

Solving the real AI problems

Determining the health of rotating machines from their vibrations, building a recommender system for wound treatment and improving the geological mapping of the rocks in mining — our team of top data scientists and engineers are working hard to solve the real challenges in AI. Across companies, industries and countries.

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Image analysis
  • Recommender systems
  • Factory optimization
  • Churn analysis
  • Text analysis
  • Dynamic pricing and forecasting

Democratizing data science

We run a Data Science Campus teaching machine learning to employees and company devisions beyond the analytics teams. As an example, here is how we do it with Scania

A space for experts

We co-run an analytics forum together with the specialists from our companies to discuss challenges, share knowledge and build on common projects.

Want to participate? Talk to

Machine Intelligence X

We have founded a data science and analytics company, Combient Mix, to deliver best in class automation services to our network while ensuring a responsible approach to AI. And we are growing.

Curious to join the mix? See our open positions

We collaborate with forward-leaning boards to identify and share new best practice on AI in boardrooms.

Read the interview with Robin Teigland and Liselotte Hägertz Engstam about the process, and the book "AI Leadership for boards" covering the results.