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Upcoming events

2021 Flagship Conferences

Senior Executive Conference: January 14, 2021

Combient Conference: January 20, 2021

Main theme: "Digital transformation — a business imperative in the new normal."

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Analytics: September 23, December 3, Virtual — Talk to Ilkka
HR: September 7, November 2, December 14 — Talk to Jonas
Legal: September 9, November 4, December 9 — Talk to Johan
Security: October 8, December 8, Virtual — Talk to Jan-Erik
Smart production: October 6, November 25, Virtual — Talk to Jan-Erik
Open Innovation: October 20, December 2, Virtual — Talk to Anders
Connected Products: December 11, Virtual — Talk to Arthur

Virtual workshops

Coming workshops

Collaborative Digital Innovation kickoff, January 27 between 1 pm-4 pm CET

Want to join? Talk to Anders

Previous workshops

Sustaintech, September 16

Connected products, October 8

5G and connectivity, September 23 between 1 pm-3 pm CET

API, October

Foundry's Value Proposition Days

Over two days, business teams from our participating companies meet with selected startups and scaleups from all over the world to find solutions for their pre-defined business opportunities.

  • September 29-30, Virtual
  • December 9-10, Virtual

We are also wrapping up the previous cycle with Foundry LIVE on October 1.

Talk to Lauri

Applied Data Science Campus

  • Cohort #3: November 2020 — February 2021, Virtual
  • Cohort #4: February 2021 — May 2021, Virtual

Talk to Ali

Board meetings

Board of Directors: September 4, October 15, December 4, Virtual

Advisory Board: October 9, Virtual

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More dates coming up

  • Combient Summit #5
  • 2021 forum meetings

Previous events

Combient Summit #4 on "Returning to work?"

  • Learnings from remote working and the impact on our future workplace
  • Co-arranged with Scania and SEB
  • Virtual event, November 11, 09:00 - 11:45 CET
  • Find you invite here

Questions? Talk to Torgny

Learning summit with Collegial and IMD

Collegial and IMD invite you to a virtual conversation on continuous learning culture. Join us for half a day on the 6th and 20th of October.

Go to invitation or Talk to Ronald

Combient Summit #3 on Sustainability

  • Sustainability is the new digital
  • Virtual event, June 10, 13:00 -16:00 CET
  • Find you invite at

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Combient Talks

Every Friday, we talk to one change maker about exactly that — making change. Talks are always virtual and running for 45 minutes, starting at 1pm CET / 2pm EET.

Find out about upcoming guests or sign up right away.

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2020 Executive Conferences

Senior Executive Conference: January 15 at SEB Arenastaden

The CXO Conference: January 16 at SEB Arenastaden

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